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Table games

Vulkan Vegas slot machines are one of the most favorite entertainment among fans of risk. Here you do not need any skills or unique knowledge. You just need to choose your favorite slot and press a button, hoping for the grace of fortune. However, for experienced players, there is a more promising alternative. Table games casino Vulkan Vegas is a way to get rich by your own wits. Winning depends only on you and your skills in the game.

Table card games

The best option for beginners would be baccarat, a card game where the player and the banker each get three cards and then the points are counted. The player’s task is to guess who will score the most points. There are only two options for betting, and not too many differences from the machines. Here it’s still all decided by random!

Blackjack is a more complex and intelligent option to earn. The goal is to score more points than your opponent, but no more than 21. Here you need to be attentive and show some arithmetic skills.

The most complex and intellectual option is poker. There are many varieties of this game, which contains elements of probability mathematics and even psychology, but beginners should start with three-card poker – a stripped-down version of the original game.


European, American and French roulette are the three most common variations of the famous game. In addition to them there is mini roulette – the only difference is the number of numbers, there are only 13. In roulette important knowledge of probability theory. Apply it competently – and the winnings will be secured.

Carefully analyze the numbers that have already fallen out. Those that have appeared many times are unlikely to come up again. And vice versa – those that haven’t been on the horizon for a long time have a better chance of falling out. However, in roulette is not necessary to bet on specific numbers. Red-black is the best option for beginners.

Casino table games level the playing field and the gambling houses. Everyone at the casino is aware of this, so wagering bonuses in cards and roulette is not allowed. Only you decide what to play!

How I can play casino table games for free?

Table games can be played for free – this means that instead of real money, the player will have credits in their account. When the slot loads, you will get a limited number of credits for one game session (about 1000-3000). These can be easily topped up – you just need to refresh the game page. However credits cannot be used in other slots or cashed out, all your winnings remain virtual.

Demo” button launches a demo version of the slot machine. After starting, the player will see his balance in credits on the control panel. All that remains is to set the bet size, activate the paylines and start the reel.